Premium Specialty Coffee

The multitude of Indian specialty coffee

The term specialty coffee or gourmet coffee, was first introduced in 1974 by Ema Knuset, as a way to describe coffee beans of superior quality with unmatched flavor and aroma. Quantified through a coffee scoring system, the Q scale, coffee beans can only be classified as gourmet when scoring above 80 on the 100 points scale.

At Eteakol, specialty coffee encompasses much more than a score. Our aim is to list a multitude of these rare coffees originating from different regions of the Indian subcontinent from producers dedicated to their craft. When you buy gourmet coffee on Eteakol, you buy from producers focusing on growing a superior quality coffee that is sustainable and ethical.

From the very famous Monsooned Malabar, to the Robusta Kaapi Royale and the tribal Araku coffee, our large selection of specialty coffee beans will be the perfect choice to add to your menu.
Shade grown in the perfect altitude and with the utmost care, each coffee cherry bean is handpicked and hand processed, to produce unique coffees with a multitude of flavors and complex layers of aroma.

Sustainable and ethical artisanal coffee

We focus on listing coffee producers that combine high quality coffee with sustainability. Each producer is chosen based on their fulfillment of the UN SDG 17 goals for sustainability to give you the transparency you need as a coffee roastery or coffee shop, to source the best specialty coffee produced in the most sustainable and ethical way.

The producers listed on Eteakol are dedicated to their craft and aim to promote the excellence of Indian specialty coffee. Every step of the production process is done using minimal to no machine at all.
Each cherry bean, whether Arabica or Robusta, is hand-picked from century old shade grown trees watered by rainfall, they are then hand-processed before being laid down to either dry under the Indian sun or away from it in a special room.

It’s this distinct dedication to producing the best coffee beans all the while being in harmony with nature and people that makes the specialty coffees listed on Eteakol rare and unique.

The best Indian Specialty Coffee from Producers all in one place

From naturally processed to washed, wet hulled or honey processed, our large selection of Indian Specialty Coffee beans is accessible for you to browse directly on our website.
Single origin and traceable, buying directly from coffee producers has never been easier!
Contract free, Eteakol lets you source coffee in bulk from the producer of your choice and takes care of shipping and customs. Ready to move forward? Explore our selection of specialty coffee and order samples!

How is your specialty coffee graded?

The grading of each specialty coffee listed on Eteakol is done independently by each producer using an internationally recognized Q grading system.

How many samples can I buy?

You can buy a minimum of 5 samples; each sample is between 200 to 300g. The samples will be sent to you un-roasted. If you wish to buy roasted samples please get in touch with

Can I buy roasted specialty coffee?

Yes you can buy roasted specialty coffee. Please note that we cannot offer custom roasts as the producers roast the coffee according to their offers.

Can I order a specialty coffee custom blend?

If you wish to place an order for a custom blend from a specific coffee producer listed on Eteakol, please reach out to We recommend you to order samples and try different blends before placing your order with us.

How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?

We ship internationally, the delivery time will depend on the freight method used to ship your order.
Ocean freight takes 40 to 50 working days and air freight takes 15 to 25 days. Ocean freight will be the default shipping method for container orders.

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