Indian woman picking tea leaves in a tea garden

Eteakol is here to enable sustainable producers from India to access markets across the world.

Eteakol's Mission

We make buying and selling in bulk a stress-free experience  with our end to end B2B solution.

When you order on Eteakol, you and your business save time and money.  

By directly sourcing single origin products from vetted farmers, you get access to premium quality without having to go through many layers of middlemen. Our catalog and wholesale prices are available online where you can checkout easily. Hence there's no lengthy sales process. 

Packed at the source, we guarantee you fresh quality and worry-free global shipping and customs clearance, so that you can spend time on what matters most, growing your business.

We help you achieve your ESG goals 

Our platform is 100% transparent, ethical and sustainable. When you partner with us, you make achieving your ESG goals an easy win. 


We only list producers that are sustainable and ethical, meaning when you buy on Eteakol, you can rest assured that the people producing them are not being overworked or underpaid and they take care of the environment and ecology. 

Our platform is built around the UN SDG17 goals. Buying on Eteakol, helps you achieve 8 out of the 17 goals.


Source directly from producers.

Take control of your supply chain.
Increase Transparency.
Contribute to sustainable development.
Change the way global trade is conducted.

Eteakol and the local community

Challenges run deep in the tea growing regions, from issues like lack of education and gender inequalities to limited access to various basic amenities. By continuously working with farmers and their local communities to understand the root issues, we empower them to improve their livelihoods and bring meaningful and sustainable development to their communities.

Supporting Education

We support Adarsha Vidyapeeth - a high school providing quality education and scholarship to children of tea garden workers in the village of Buragaon in the Golaghat Disctrict of Assam.

Supporting Sports

All round development is essential for any community's upliftment. We support Bholaguri FC, the local football team of Buragaon village with their football kits and training facilities.

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