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Loose Leaf White Tea

The subtle art of handmade white tea

Delicate and subtle, white tea was for a very long time exclusively enjoyed by royalty in ancient China.
Minimal processing is necessary to produce this very coveted and luxurious tea, making it as pure and close as possible to the original flavors held in the camellia sinensis leaf.

This diligent craftsmanship is one very well known to the tea artisans listed on our catalog. Our selection of loose leaf white tea is highly curated to only offer teas of superior quality produced in a sustainable and ethical manner.

From silver needles to wild white teas from the mountains of Manipur each loose leaf white tea is carefully handcrafted to ensure premium quality. Only harvested under sunny weather during late spring and early summer, the young buds are hand-picked before being withered for as little as 2 to 3 days and naturally dried to lock in all the floral flavors and soft aromas typical of a white tea.

What makes white teas on Eteakol so singular is their intricate lightness and medium-bodied characteristics mastered over the years by the tea artisan offering them. The light golden, almost clear, liquor is a real royal experience for the senses. When properly brewed, white tea will reveal layered notes of sweet florals, summer fruits and light honey aroma after each infusion.

Every white teas curated in our catalog are whole leaf teas that are sustainably and ethically handmade by each tea artisan. When you choose a white tea, you choose a single origin product that reflects and honors the craftsmanship of the tea artisan producing it. It is not the origin of the white tea that makes it authentic but its production process. By handcrafting these white teas the farmers are able to produce a product of higher quality in harmony with the environment and perpetuating true tea artisanship.

Can white teas be blended with other condiments?

Yes, white teas are the perfect base for your own unique blends. They pair perfectly with summery light fruits such as peaches or melons, or flowery aromas like peonies or lavender. Since white teas are light to medium-bodied types of teas we recommend not to use overpowering condiments that might overshadow the natural flavors and aromas of the tea carefully crafted by the tea artisan. You can also blend white tea with light green teas, discover our selection of green teas here. (add backlink to green tea collection)

Can I add milk to white tea?

The handmade white teas on Eteakol are best enjoyed with no added milk.
They can be enjoyed hot or cold and can be steeped multiple times. They are suitable for gong fu cha style.

Do you have wholesale requirements?

All the loose leaf white teas listed on Eteakol, are available for bulk order.
They are available at different volumes for orders starting at 1kg. You can also order our samples before committing to a bulk order, all our samples are delivered to you with free global shipping and customs clearance.

Head over to our wholesale page, to learn more about how to place a bulk order with us.
Should you have any questions you can simply email and our team will promptly get back to you.

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