ARAKU Indian Arabica - Washed

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Growing Region: Karnataka
Altitude of farm: 900-1100m MSL

Type: Arabica
Processing: Washed
Grade: AA

Price: 6.63 USD/KG (ex-factory/farm-gate)


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SCA Score: 83.75

Bean Variety: S.795 

Aroma: Dry Aroma has sweet caramel and grapefruit hints, wet aromatics are lively with mildly orange fruit character.

Flavour: In the cup it has nice plum, citrus nuance with undertones of grape and pomegranate. This is a bright, clean cup with citric accents and delicate acidity. The finish is a bit of sandalwood adding to the clean, refreshing characteristics of the cup


Arabica green coffee beans

Shelf Life

36 Months

Organic Certification


UN SDG 17 Impact

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