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Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

The perfect handmade loose leaf Oolong tea

Falling into its own category, Oolong tea is neither black nor green. At the meeting point of both famous teas, Oolong tea can adorn some black or green tea characteristics depending on each tea master's handcrafting process.

Finding its origins in both China and Taiwan this peculiar tea gets its name from its big twisted leaves resembling mythical Chinese dragons. The art of Oolong is no secret to the tea artisans on Eteakol, and although their production origins are from India, the flavors and aroma are as authentic and unique to what is expected of an Oolong tea.

Delicately handpicked, the fresh tea leaves are first withered and left under the sun to dry; they are then laid down in a place to cool before being gently hand rolled. This process is the key to unlocking the bouquet of flavors of the tea. The level of oxidation is determined by the tea artisan, ranging from as little as 8% to 80% depending on the product the tea artisan wants to achieve. Once oxidation is achieved the leaves are then roasted before one final hand rolling; the tea is then left to dry before being hand sorted.

Handcrafting Oolong teas is an art mastered throughout the years by each tea artisan following traditional craftsmanship passed down through generations. Each Oolong tea sourced by Eteakol, is sustainably and ethically crafted and 100% handmade resulting in a tea full of light flavors and aromas, ranging from light bergamot to sweet berries and floral notes.

This particular tea is to be steeped with a water temperature between 70 to 85 degrees and can be steeped multiple times; each steeping revealing a new layer of nuanced flavors and aromas.

Can I add flavors to your Oolong tea ?

Each full leaf Oolong tea sourced by Eteakol is the perfect base for any of your blended teas; pick a light green Oolong to pair with fruity and floral aromas and a dark Oolong to go with warm spices. You can also mix Oolong teas with green teas and black teas.

Can I use your Oolong tea as a base for boba tea?

Yes, Oolong tea can be used as a base for any boba tea, and can be enjoyed either hot or cold and with different pairing. We recommend enjoying Oolong tea with no added milk to fully experience the craftsmanship of each tea artisan.

Order our selection of organic loose leaf Oolong tea in bulk on Eteakol.

Do you have wholesale requirements?

All the loose leaf Oolong teas listed on Eteakol, are available for bulk order.
They are available at different volumes for orders starting at 1kg. You can also order our samples before committing to a bulk order, all our samples are delivered to you with free global shipping and customs clearance.

Head over to our wholesale page, to learn more about how to place a bulk order with us.
Should you have any questions you can simply email and our team will promptly get back to you.

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