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Smoked and Pu'erh tea

The ancient tradition of Smoked Tea

To many, smoked tea is often referred to as Lapsang Souchong however it is important for you as a buyer to understand that not every smoked tea is a Lapsang Souchong and not every Lapsang Souchong is a smoked tea. This distinction is an important one as the process of smoking tea leaves is a process unique to each tea artisan and tradition.

Lapsang Souchong refers exclusively to the black tea produced in the Tongmu village in the Wuyi mountains in China. The smoked teas listed on our platforms are locally grown and produced in different parts of India, following specific traditional crafting methods.

Hand-picked, the tea leaves are then pan fried before being laid on a bamboo mat and allowed to dry under the sun. Once dried the leaves are then hand rolled before being smoked over a pine fire which will infuse each leaf with the distinct smoky aroma.

These smoked teas are best brewed with water at boiling point, the leaves are to be steeped for 1 to 4 min the longer you brew the leaves the stronger the taste; the brewed leaves reveal a golden orange, amber like liquor.
The tea leaves can be steeped multiple times, making these teas perfect for gong fu sha style, each brewing unveiling flavors ranging from hints of sandalwood to leathery and cedar.
Complex and bold these teas are best enjoyed plain or with a small dash of honey to enhance their sweet natural aromas.

Ancient Singpho smoked Phalap Tea

At Eteakol, we have at heart to conserve unique and traditional tea production processes, by vetting each tea artisan on our platform we are able to preserve and share with the world these rare and ancient traditions.
Phalap or Falap tea is a special and unique smoked tea produced by the Singpho tribes of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
Known for their craftsmanship and herbal healing knowledge the Singpho tribe of India, are believed to be the ones that introduced tea as a beverage to the rest of Indian subcontinent.
The Phalap / Falap tea listed on Eteakol is ethically handmade and produced following ancient Singpho craftsmanship. The handpicked tea leaves are pan fried until golden brown, and laid down to naturally dry under the sun for a few days, before being tightly packed into bamboo casing that will then be smoked over a pine fire. The tea is then left to age for up to 10 years .

The best way to enjoy Phalap / Falap tea is by slicing small portions of the hardened tea and brewing the leaves with water at boiling point. Singpho teas are enjoyed without any added condiments to fully experience the traditional processing which retains its medicinal properties. The dark citrine liquor is rich in dark woody flavors and warm spices aroma.

Can smoked teas be blended with other condiments or teas?

The best way to enjoy these complex and dark teas is without any added flavors. The natural flavors and aromas contained in these teas would overpower any added condiments such as spices, dried fruits or flowers.

Do you have wholesale requirements?

All the smoked and singpho teas listed on Eteakol, are available for bulk order. They are available at different volumes for orders starting at 1kg. You can also order our samples before committing to a bulk order, all our samples are delivered to you with free global shipping and customs clearance.

Head over to our wholesale page, to learn more about how to place a bulk order with us.
Should you have any questions you can simply email and our team will promptly get back to you.

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