Become a listed producer on Eteakol

Are you a producer or manufacturer that focuses on sustainability? Do you wish to list your products on Eteakol and sell globally without any hassle? Then read below to find out more on how you can join our platform and offer your products to international B2B buyers. 

Our goal at Eteakol is to give producers and manufacturers that focus on sustainable production, a platform to sell their products to international  B2B buyers. When you list your products on Eteakol we will take care of:

  • Online product creation
  • Merchandising 
  • Product description and story telling 
  • Marketing 
  • Regulatory and export clearances
  • Fulfilment and logistics 

We take care of getting you and your products online while you focus on what you do best, manufacturing. When you make a sale on Eteakol, we will take care of delivering it to the customer across the globe. We take care of fulfilment, regulatory clearances, international shipping and customs clearance.

I want to list my products on Eteakol, how do I get started?

Please fill the form below with your details and our supply team will get back to you at earliest with the next steps. 

What can I sell on Eteakol?

We specialise in sustainable and ethical single origin products. Right now we only list products such as tea, coffee and spices(in the near future). More categories will be added in the future.

Do I need to be a sustainable producer / manufacturer to sell on Eteakol?

Yes, we only list sustainable producers and manufacturers on our platform. In order to sell on Eteakol you need to be compliant with the UN SDG17 goals framework. Please check here whether you are compliant with any of our goals or not.

Do I need to provide you with organic certification and other types of certification?

Although organic certifications are a bonus for the buyers as it assures them of the quality of the product they are buying, we understand that it can be a high monetary burden on your end. Organic certifications are not mandatory, however we ask you to be transparent with us about your production methods. We will vet your production processes and conduct randomised testing of your product to maintain adherence to our standards.

We welcome any certifications you can provide us. FSSAI certification is mandatory.

Do I need to pay a fee to be listed on Eteakol? 

No, you don’t need to pay a registration fee or monthly fee to list your products on Eteakol. 

Can I set my own prices? 

Yes, you can set a price for your products.

Can I provide you with my own images for merchandising? 

You are free to provide as many high quality images as you want. However, we also want the online catalog to stay visually consistent in terms of content and merchandising.
Once you send us your samples, our merchandising team will take care of product photography and editing of the pictures if necessary. We ask you to provide us with pictures of yourself to create your profile.

Feel free to send us any additional photos or videos you would like to share with the customers, we will also share those on social media! 

How can I manage my online products? 

Whether you want to add more products or want to remove some products, just reach out to and our teams will take care of your query. 

How will I know when I make a sale? 

Once the customer places an order for your product, our team will send you the product order details which you will have to ship to our local dispatch center for QA and regulatory clearances. We will then take care of final packaging, fulfilling and shipping the order to the customer. 

How do payments work? When do I get paid?

Our payment terms for sellers are 15 days after receipt of shipment in our dispatch center. We clear full dues directly to your bank account. You only need to provide an invoice. 

I do not wish to be listed as a seller anymore.

If you do not wish to be listed as a seller on Eteakol, kindly write to us at We would be sad to see you leave but our supply team will take you through the off-boarding steps.  

Should you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to and our team will promptly get back to you.