Loose Leaf Green tea

The delicacy of handmade green tea

As surprising as it might be, most green tea consumed around the world either comes from India or Kenya.
What makes the green teas available on Eteakol different from other suppliers is their single tea garden origin. You buy directly from a small farmer.
Every green tea on Eteakol is carefully selected making our catalog highly curated.
The uniqueness of these green teas, is the product of a perfected handcrafted method mastered over the years by each tea artisan.

After carefully hand plucking the leaves, they are then steamed, roasted or pan fried depending on each tea artisan's production method. Once this process is done the tea leaves are then set aside to cool before being hand rolled, then dried and hand rolled again before the last drying phase.
What makes the green teas available on Eteakol different in taste and quality, is their handmade process resulting in unique leaves shapes even if they are from the same batch.

Each green tea has a particular bouquet of tasting notes and flavors unique to each tea artisan's production method; but also its cultivation practices, time of plucking, and pruning of the tea trees. All these factors come into play to create an intricate flavor palette for each of these green teas.

When brewed properly, green tea is light green or light yellow and ranges from grassy, to vegetal, sweet and nutty to lush green flavors. The secret to a perfect cup of green tea is to use fresh cold water and to brew it around 75 to 85 degrees. Temperatures above will scorch the leaves forcing them to release an astringent and bitter taste.

All the green teas on Eteakol are carefully selected, the producers selected all use sustainable and organic farming practices. Every tea is ethically sourced and produced resulting in a highly curated catalog and a higher quality.

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