Blended teas and infusions

The mastered balance of hand blending teas

It is the essential oils contained in the camellia sinensis leaves that give each tea its distinctive flavors.
Whole tea leaves contain the most percentage of these essential oils and only an experienced tea master can blend these complex flavors with different natural aromas and spices.

This meticulous job is one that requires a lot of care as to not break the tea leaves while hand blending them.
A slower and more laborious process but a process allowing for a tea of higher quality, where each tea artisan lets his or her creative freedom and years of experience express itself by creating unique blends that unfold into a bouquet of rich flavors and aromas.

Cardamom, masala spices, holy basil, ginger, Indian olives; these ingredients are all locally sourced through small local growers by each tea artisan in order to keep their production chain sustainable.
Carefully selected, the condiments are then added and hand blended with the fresh tea leaves to craft exquisite and unique teas.

Each blended tea listed on Eteakol, is designed by each tea artisan following traditional handcrafting methods.
Years of experience and knowledge about their craft enable them to distinguish which condiments blend perfectly with which tea base. These are not your regular industrialized blended teas, each one of these blends are carefully thought of and mastered to create the perfect balance between the tea and the added flavors so that you can enjoy the full experience of tea with a well balanced added flavor of cardamom or ginger, without having one overpowering the other.

Can I place a custom blend order with one of the farmers listed on Eteakol?

We do not place custom blend orders with the farmers listed on our platform. Every blend is carefully handcrafted with condiments that are selected by each tea artisan to complement and elevate the favor of each tea. By doing so we help preserve this traditional craft.

If you wish to create your own custom blends, you can do so by ordering our whole leaf teas and blend them with the condiments of your choice.

Do you have wholesale requirements?

All the loose leaf tea blends listed on Eteakol are available for bulk order. They are available at different volumes for orders starting at 1kg. You can also order our samples before committing to a bulk order, all our samples are delivered to you with free global shipping and customs clearance.
Head over to our wholesale page, to learn more about how to place a bulk order with us.
Should you have any questions you can simply email and our team will promptly get back to you.

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