Anai Kadu - Robusta Anaerobic Naturals

Growing Region: Kodagu, Karnataka
Altitude of farm: 950m MSL

Type: Robusta
Processing: Anaerobic Naturals
Grade: A

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 SCA Score: 81.5

Bean Varieties: CxR,  Peradeniya

The Anai Kadu estate is a 50-acre farm situated at an average elevation of 950 MASL and run by Kurian George and his wife Nisha Thomas.

Our estate is named Anaikadu after our daughter Anaika. The name Anai Kadu also translates to elephant (Anai) jungle (Kadu) since our estate is adjoining the Devamachi reserve forest which is part of the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve (Incidentally, one the Arabica x Robusta hybrids developed a few years ago was named Devamachi as well) and our love for the majestic pachyderms who are also frequent visitors to the farm.


Robusta green coffee beans

Shelf Life

12 Months

Organic Certification


UN SDG 17 Impact

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