Anai Kadu

Anai Kadu

Our team met with Anai Kadu in 2022 and have been listed on our platform ever since. 

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Anai Kadu's Story

The estate is a 50-acre farm situated at an average elevation of 950 MASL and run by Kurian George and his wife Nisha Thomas.

Our estate is named Anaikadu after our daughter Anaika. The name Anai Kadu also translates to elephant (Anai) and jungle (Kadu) since our estate is adjoining the Devamachi reserve forest which is part of the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve (Incidentally, one the Arabica x Robusta hybrids developed a few years ago was named Devamachi as well) and our love for the majestic pachyderms who are also frequent visitors to the farm.

The larger family holding known as Pottamkulam estate, was bought by Kurian’s grandfather the late K. J. Kurian, and has been in the family since 1959. We grow the CxR and Peradeniya varieties of Robusta, and Selection 795 and Catimor varieties of Arabica.

While we have been producing coffee for decades, last year marked our plunge into the world of specialty coffee processing, under the guidance of coffee processing guide Binny Verghese aka BaristaonBike. It has been a great learning experience, and an equally rewarding one.

Anai Kadu's UN SDG17 impact

Sustainability is an important mission for Eteakol and we strive to vet and provide full transparency about the sustainable nature of producers on the platform. The UN defined SDG17 framework allows buyers across the world to have complete transparency and a consistent benchmark on the sustainable nature of their supply chain even when an expensive organic certification might not be available.

More information about the SDG framework and on how we vet and measure the adherance of producers to the below Sustainable Development Goals can be found here.

Information about Anai Kadu's farm

Growing Region:
Kodagu, Karnataka

Altitude of farm: 960 MSL
Harvest Season: November to March
Yearly Production Capacity: 20,000 Kgs
Age of plants:
Number of hired workers:
Avg. pay of hired worker:
Farming Since: 1959

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