Arabica & Robusta Indian Coffee Beans

The mystic of Indian coffee

In a land as rich in diversity and spiritual beliefs as India, it is only natural for Indian coffee to find its roots ingrained in mystic and spirituality.

The legend of coffee finds its origins in the ancient coffee forests of Ethiopia, where a simple goat herder made the famous discovery of these “magic beans”. Global trade and the proximity of Ethiopia to the Arabian peninsula, transported coffee to Yemen where by the 15th century coffee was propelled into everyday life, making the beverage the center of social life, so much so that the Arabs gate kept the beans for themselves forbidding the trade of coffee seed.

How coffee came to India, can be traced back to one man, the sufi saint, Baba Budan. In the 16th century after accomplishing his pilgrimage to Mecca, Baba Budan hid in his beard 7 raw coffee beans, and smuggled them into India, before planting them on the Chandragiri Hills in Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka, where until this day the hills remain named after him as Baba Budan Giris.

What started as a simple garden plantation from a spiritual man wanting to stay awake at night in prayer bloomed into Indian coffee and its many specialties as we know it today.

From Baba Budan’s 7 seeds to Eteakol’s sustainable coffee

Eteakol lets you source Indian coffee in bulk directly from producers dedicated to producing the best refined quality the coffee bean can offer.
Discover our large selection of Arabica and Robusta coffees with listed producers from the traditional growing regions of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and exclusive producers from the new growing regions located in the Northeastern part of India.

Each producer listed on our platform is vetted according to the UN SGD17 goals for sustainability.
Sourcing coffee on Eteakol gives you the visibility and transparency you need as a roaster and coffee buyer to manage your supply-chain and source arabica or robusta coffee in bulk directly online from different Indian coffee producers while we take care of end to end shipping and customs clearance for your hassle free experience.

Whether you are looking for a sweet Arabica from the hills of Karnataka or a shade grown Robusta from Nagaland, you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for to roast the perfect blends.
Looking for a particular Indian specialty coffee? We got you covered! We ultimately focus on listing rare specialty and gourmet coffee, whether you are looking for the famous tribal Araku coffee or Monsooned Malabar you’ll be sure to find it on Eteakol.

No contract needed, buy the amount of coffee you want when you want and we will ship it directly to you.
We understand that before committing to a bulk order you will need to sample the coffee, hence, samples are available directly on the website. You can order samples for both commercial grade coffee and specialty coffee. Sample sizes are 300gms for green coffee beans.

Can I source commercial coffee on Eteakol?

Although we specialize in Indian specialty coffees, we do offer the possibility for you to purchase different grades of commercial coffees. You can browse our selection of commercial coffee directly on our website.
Prices are not available, as they are dependent on the market, please reach out to for a quotation or simply click on the “Request a quote” button on the specific product page.

Do you offer chicory and other coffee products such as instant coffee to buy in bulk?

If you are interested in buying chicory or other coffee products in bulk, our team can reach out to our suppliers and coordinate with them. Please reach out to for any inquiries regarding this matter.

Can I buy roasted coffee in bulk directly from Eteakol?

Yes, you can source roasted coffee in bulk directly from the producers listed on Eteakol. Shelf life for roasted coffee beans is 6 to 9 months when sealed.

How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?

We ship internationally, the delivery time will depend on the freight method used to ship your order.
Ocean freight takes 40 to 50 working days and air freight takes 15-25 days. Ocean freight will be the default shipping method for container orders.

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