Eteakol is the only wholesale platform that lets you buy in bulk directly from the source

Whether you are in the food service industry, a brand or a retailer, Eteakol wholesale sourcing solutions are here to help you and your business. We focus on listing the best quality products, directly from the source of origin and make them available all in one place. 

Our wholesale catalogue and prices are available online. There's no need to get in touch with a sales department or create an account to access our listed products. 

We make it easy for you to buy in bulk, with no strings attached. Buy only what you need, when you need. 

No contract needed. 

We offer wholesale organic and sustainable loose leaf tea that is ethically produced

We list teas directly from sustainable small farmers from across different regions of India. We only list premium quality loose leaf tea, that is ethically produced and respectful of the environment. We work directly with the farmers and cooperatives, to offer unique single origin teas that aren’t available anywhere else. 

Read our blog about our mission here.

We take care of fulfilment, global shipping and customs clearance on all bulk orders

Whether you are buying 5kgs of tea or 60bags of coffee on Eteakol, we will take care of packing, fulfilling and shipping your orders directly to your doorstep.  

How to order in bulk

To place a bulk order, simply go to our shop, select the loose leaf tea you would like to order and the quantity and add to your cart, or click on buy now if this is the only product you would like to order. 

Once you are done filling your cart, click on the cart icon and use the checkout button. 

Fill in the form with your information, continue to shipping, then to payment. 

Enter your payment information, and you are done! 

Once your order is placed and paid you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your invoice and another one at the time of shipment with your tracking number.

Can I order samples? 

We understand that buying in bulk is a big commitment, that’s why all the loose leaf teas and coffees on Eteakol are available as samples of 50 gms and 300 gms respectively. We give you the option to try many different products from different farmers before putting in a bulk order. Enjoy, free shipping and customs clearance on samples.

Can I order different types of loose leaf teas from different farmers for the same order?

Yes, you can order different types of  loose leaf teas from different farmers. Just add them to your cart and place your bulk order, no need to place an order for each tea and each farmer. Your order will then be shipped directly to you in one shipment.

Do I have to place a minimum order amount? 

Minimum order amount is set by each farmer. In general its 1kg for tea and 50kgs for coffee. You can definitely buy different varieties of tea from different farmers but we advise buying more than 10kgs per shipment for the unit cost of logistics to make sense. 

How are your prices calculated? 

The price of each tea is set by the farmers plus an additional amount to cover our operational cost. The logistics costs and duties are set according to shipment sizes. 

Why are certification not available on your website?

Most farmers and cooperatives selling on Eteakol do not have the means and resources to get organic certifications. That is why we personally visit and vet the gardens and the producers and make sure that their farming practices are organic and sustainable following the UN SDG17 framework. Our selection of single origin loose leaf tea is highly curated to only offer the highest quality tea available on the market.


Do you still have questions about bulk orders? Need more information about Eteakol wholesale solutions? Please contact and our team will get back to you.