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SLN Coffee

Our team met with SLN Coffee in 2022 and have been listed on our platform ever since. 

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SLN Coffee's Story

The story of the SLN Group is a legacy of entrepreneurship that set forth more than 60 years ago. SLN Group sprouted with the purchase of coffee plantation from the Rajah of Chettinad.

SLN Coffee Pvt. Ltd. based in Kushalnagar (Karnataka, India), offers a range of reliable coffee products including Roasted Coffee Beans, Green Coffee Beans, Filter Coffee, Agglomerated Instant Coffee etc with the best quality products packed with all the nutritional values.

Being an established company, they adhere to international quality standards and abide to proper government regulations wrt export/import norms of law.

SLN's Mission
Contribute earnestly towards the development of the communities in which SLN functions. In doing so, create a primrose path for the star-crossed segments of the society.

SLN's Vision
To bring up a nutrified and even-handed social structure through comprehensive growth.

Sustainable Development
SLN is UTZ certified.
SLN also has a robust CSR policy wherein they allocate 2% of annual net profits for social welfare programs benefiting the local communities and contributing to the UN SDG17 goals.
Exact details about SLN's CSR policies can be found here:

SLN Coffee's UN SDG17 impact

Sustainability is an important mission for Eteakol and we strive to vet and provide full transparency about the sustainable nature of producers on the platform. The UN defined SDG17 framework allows buyers across the world to have complete transparency and a consistent benchmark on the sustainable nature of their supply chain even when an expensive organic certification might not be available.

More information about the SDG framework and on how we vet and measure the adherance of producers to the below Sustainable Development Goals can be found here.

Information about SLN Coffee's farm

Growing Region:
Kushalnagar, Karnataka, India

Altitude of farm: 3500 MSL
Harvest Season: November to March
Yearly Production Capacity: 50,000 MT per annum
Age of plants: 50 Years
Number of hired workers: 500
Avg. pay of hired worker:
Farming Since: 1956

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