Rana Gogoi

Rana Gogoi

Our team met with Rana Gogoi in 2022 and have been listed on our platform ever since. 

If you require any further information regarding Rana Gogoi or need visual content for your own marketing materials, please reach out to sales@eteakol.com 

Rana Gogoi's Story

The story of how Rana chose to become a tea artisan can be traced back to him following in his fathers footsteps.

This family run business starts with his father, a retired high school teacher that found a passion in handcrafting teas as a way to still sustain for his family long after leaving the school walls.

Taking over his father, Rana found a true passion in handcrafting teas with 15 years of tea manufacturing experience under his belt.

It’s the mix between tradition and innovation in experimenting with tea that keeps him going but mainly the ability to impact his community by providing jobs to the 29 tea pluckers that work in his organic tea garden. 25 women and 4 men that in Rana’s own words “are my extended family, and we care about family”.

Choosing to produce only organic tea, means that compared to commercial gardens his garden produces 50% less tea but means a safer environment for his workers which are then not exposed to dangerous chemicals. Not only that, the quality of his tea is superior in flavor and aroma, which lets him experience in crafting various types of teas of the highest quality.

The end to end process from picking to rolling, blending and drying the tea leaves is all done by hand. Additionally all the machines used for handcrafting the teas are built by Rana himself in order to preserve the traditional way of manufacturing tea.

Our team met with Rana Gogoi back in 2022, Rana has been listed on our platform as a partner tea producer ever since. If you require any further information regarding Rana Gogoi or need visual content for your own marketing materials, please reach out to sales@eteakol.com

Rana Gogoi's UN SDG17 impact

Sustainability is an important mission for Eteakol and we strive to vet and provide full transparency about the sustainable nature of producers on the platform. The UN defined SDG17 framework allows buyers across the world to have complete transparency and a consistent benchmark on the sustainable nature of their supply chain even when an expensive organic certification might not be available.

More information about the SDG framework and on how we vet and measure the adherance of producers to the below Sustainable Development Goals can be found here.

Information about Rana Gogoi's farm

Gelakey Kaliapani Village
District: Sivasagar, Assam

Harvest Season: March to November
Yearly Production Capacity: 1800 kgs
Age of plants: 20 Years
Number of hired workers: 29
Avg. pay of hired worker: $4 per day
Farming Since: 2007

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