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Loose Leaf Black Tea

The art of handmade organic loose leaf orthodox black tea

Ethically sourced from small tea producers and cooperatives, our collection of orthodox black tea is highly curated to offer a premium quality loose leaf tea of the highest grade.

Sustainably grown in different regions of Assam and North East India, these teas are rich in complex flavors ranging from deep woody and earthy to light and malty, each with distinct aromas unique to the craftsmanship and ‘savoir-faire' of the tea artisan producing it.

Assam black tea often suffers the reputation of being of lesser quality, mouthful, hard to truly appreciate. We aim to change this industry narrative and bring premium orthodox black loose leaf teas into the market.

The orthodox black teas offered by the producers on Eteakol, are traditionally handmade thus the “orthodox” nomination. Eti-koli and duti-paat (one bud, two young leaves) are hand plucked during the flushing season. Naturally withered to reduce bitterness, the fresh leaves are then hand rolled for hours to bleed out the polyphenols and other nutrients which give each tea its distinctive flavors and aromas. After oxidation which turns the green leaves into beautiful shades of browns and golden orange, the soon to be orthodox black tea leaves are left to dry naturally under the sun, locking in all these complex tasting notes so unique to each tea. Not two teas taste the same, and that is the art of each tea artisan on our platform.

Why are each orthodox black teas on Eteakol different?

By working directly with small producers, we are able to source and offer on our platform rare and unique teas from small batch productions, sustainably produced and traditionally handcrafted.

It’s the genuine expertise of the tea artisan, its passion and love for its craft that make these orthodox black teas so singular. It’s all these elements that make every tea on Eteakol so particular in taste, each offering a bouquet of flavorful notes that linger in the mouth after every sip, revealing the complexity and meticulous craft distinct to each tea artisan.

Whether you decide to order Tridip’s Orthodox black tea or Nayanjyoti’s or even the wild orthodox black tea from the Dweller collective, they will all offer you a different experience and that is because the hands picking, rolling and drying the assamica leaves are all unalike to one another.

A premium quality

All the Orthodox black teas sourced by Eteakol, are of premium quality SFTGFOP grading (Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe). Traditionally handmade, our selection of loose leaf tea is 100% natural and produced without the use of any chemicals. Hours of human work and dedicated craft goes into producing these premium orthodox black teas that can’t be found anywhere else.
These are not your typical Assam black, which liquor and taste fade after 2 steeping, Eteakol orthodox black teas can be stepped up to 5 times with each steep unveiling a new layer of intriguing notes and aromas.

Order our selection of organic loose leaf orthodox black tea in bulk on Eteakol

Our selection of loose leaf orthodox black tea is available for bulk order on the platform.

Not sure, from which farmer to order?

All the loose leaf teas from every farmer on Eteakol are available as samples, so you can try and see which one you like best, and which one your customers will enjoy. Enjoy free shipping and customs clearance on samples as well.

We make buying in bulk a hassle-free experience, all over the world.

Tried some samples, and made a choice? No need to email a sales department or call for a quote, all our bulk prices are already available on our website. Simply select the volume you want to order, add it to your cart and complete the checkout!
Once checkout is completed, our team receives your order and fulfills it directly from the source: the tea garden, packs it and ships it right to your doorstep. Always with free shipping and customs clearance, no matter where you are in the world.

Can I order different volumes from different farmers at the same time?

You can order different volumes and different teas from farmers directly on the website all in one order, that will then get delivered to you.

Still have questions?

We are here to support you, simply email and our team will promptly get back to you.

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