Ground Orthodox (Dheki) - Tridip

Origin: Assam

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Grown in a sustainable garden in Bohupathar Assam, by small tea grower Tridip this naturally organic ground orthodox black tea is handpicked and traditionally handmade with a dheki, resulting in a tea of premium quality, and deep tasting earthy and warm spicy flavors. This tea pairs perfectly with milk for the perfect cup of chai tea

This tea is ethically produced by Tridip. Tridip tea trees are 14 years old, Tridip has 23 years of experience in handcrafting teas.

Milk | Sugar | Spices | Tapioca


Ground orthodox tea

Shelf Life

18 months

Organic Certification


UN SDG 17 Impact


Are all Ingredients Organic Certified?

Our small tea farmers cultivate organically and follow sustainable farming techniques since decades, but many of them don't have an organic certificate due to the high cost of certification.

How many times can we steep the leaves?

You can re-steep the leaves 2-3 times. Although the taste profile will gradually change with each infusion.

Can we boil the leaves?

No. Please do not boil the tea leaves either in water or milk, except for the Ground Orthodox Milk Tea.

loose leaf of green, black and chai tea on a wood tray surrounded by spices

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