Moñte Baña Coffee / Green Gold Exporters

Moñte Baña Coffee / Green Gold Exporters

Our team met with Moñte Baña Coffee / Green Gold Exporters in 2022 and have been listed on our platform ever since. 

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Moñte Baña Coffee / Green Gold Exporters's Story

Moñte Baña as a coffee company was established
with only one true intention of offering pure and unadulterated premium coffee.

Procuring coffee cherry from finest of the gardens, robusta from the hills of Wayanad and arabica from the serene Coorg, to be processed naturally, churning out flavourful beans out of the freshly picked cherry. In this natural sun dried process, the
cherries placed in drying beds for a course of 5-6 weeks to slowly ferment the coffee bringing out its rich flavours, while being raked systematically to prevent any spoilage. This traditional way of processing coffee when done systematically
and with consistency has the potential to create most flavourful coffees giving it more interesting bolder notes and characteristics.
The green beans are then sorted and graded, weeding out defective beans to get good cup quality. The beans are graded according to the screen size varying from AAA to PB. By using graded beans of high quality and not adding adulterants like chicory, we make do that coffee loyalists get what they deserve, which is nothing less than a cup of
impeccable flavour.

Moñte Baña and Social Responsibility

This world needs empowered women to continue the chain of innovation and change. Creating a gender equal workspace along with ensuring the well-being of the workers has always been our top vision.

Moñte Baña is a sole venture of a woman entrepreneur whose dream is to disseminate the best of the best to you. But this vision of empowerment will remain incomplete if we overlook the female workers whose hard work often goes unnoticed. Established in the remote villages of Wayanad, Moñte Baña provides employment opportunities to the native women of the region.

Moñte Baña Coffee / Green Gold Exporters's UN SDG17 impact

Sustainability is an important mission for Eteakol and we strive to vet and provide full transparency about the sustainable nature of producers on the platform. The UN defined SDG17 framework allows buyers across the world to have complete transparency and a consistent benchmark on the sustainable nature of their supply chain even when an expensive organic certification might not be available.

More information about the SDG framework and on how we vet and measure the adherance of producers to the below Sustainable Development Goals can be found here.

Information about Moñte Baña Coffee / Green Gold Exporters's farm

Growing Region:
Wayanad /Kerala India

Altitude of farm: 600-100m MSL
Harvest Season: November to March
Yearly Production Capacity: 13,800 MT per annum
Age of plants:
Number of hired workers:
Avg. pay of hired worker:
Farming Since: 2015

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