Women working in a tea garden in Assam, India


Founded in Golaghat, Assam, and Berlin, Germany, Eteakol is committed to providing brands and retailers across the world with an easy and hassle-free B2B sourcing experience for organic and sustainable teas and coffees.   

The mission is simple: We strive to find and vet the best quality tea and coffee growers who use sustainable methods and enable them to supply businesses directly, cutting off any unnecessary middlemen.

Eteakol's sourcing process ensures that you get the highest quality products, packed and fulfilled directly from the source to you.

As a leading B2B marketplace, we understand that the wholesale or B2B buying process can be a long and opaque experience. This is why we offer a more transparent and direct marketplace for buyers, where they can be assured of the exact origins of their product and that it is sustainably and ethically produced. This direct access to high-quality tea and coffee means that buyers can avoid paying high prices due to middlemen commissions.

Our platform is designed to provide a seamless and efficient experience for buyers looking for direct-sourced tea and coffee. The goal is to offer a wide range of products, from single-origin coffees to specialty teas, and everything in between. Our platform is also designed to provide easy access to product and producer information, ensuring buyers can make informed purchasing decisions. With our B2B marketplace, buyers can focus on growing their business while we take care of the hassle of international logistics, operations and regulatory clearances.



field of tea garden in assam

Sourcing through Eteakol, the buyers can also be sure that their payment is directly impacting the actual producers and improving lives and sustainable practices at the ground level and is in sync with the UN defined SDG17(Sustainable Development Goals) that companies aspire to adhere to. 

Eteakol’s mission doesn’t stop at giving a platform to the marginalized tea farmers or coffee producers and offering them a market to grow, we also want to change their lives and help them grow as a community. We enable the producers get a fair price for their products, support education by providing scholarships to the children of tea garden workers and strengthen sportsmanship by sponsoring the local football team in the tea growing region of Bholaguri, Assam. 

In summary, Eteakol is a mission driven B2B marketplace that is dedicated to providing a hassle-free and sustainable sourcing experience for tea and coffee. Our mission is to revolutionize the traditional supply chain by connecting businesses with the best quality tea and coffee growers who use sustainable methods. Join us in our mission to change the lives of Indian tea and coffee producers and promote sustainable practices in the industry.

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