field of tea garden in assam


Founded in Golaghat, Assam and Berlin, Germany, Eteakol was born with the purpose of revolutionising the tea supply chain and providing brands and retailers across the world a platform for easy and hassle-free B2B sourcing of organic and sustainable teas.    

The mission is simple: find and vet the small tea growers who produce the best quality organic tea with the most sustainable methods and enable them to supply retailers and businesses directly  across the world,  all the while cutting off any unnecessary middlemen.   

Eteakol sources, packs and fulfills the quality products, directly from the small tea garden to you.

Eteakol understands that the wholesale or B2B buying process can be a long and opaque experience, where the buyer has no transparency regarding the exact origins of the final product or who exactly produces it or if the product is even sustainably and ethically produced. 

Brands, smaller retailers or tea rooms and restaurants have very little choice in terms of who exactly to source the tea from and very little information about the origins. 

This lack of direct access to high quality tea and a more open marketplace leads to higher prices at the end for lower quality or unethical and non-sustainable products. Most of the value in the traditional supply chain today is extracted by middlemen with the tea growers being paid very low and the end consumers paying a high price. 

field of tea garden in assam

Sourcing through Eteakol, the buyers can also be sure that their payment is directly impacting the actual farmers and improving lives and sustainable practices at the ground level and is in sync with the UN defined SDG17(Sustainable Development Goals 17) that companies aspire to adhere to. 

Eteakol’s mission doesn’t stop at giving a platform to these marginalized tea farmers and offering them a market to grow, we also want to change their lives and help them grow as a community. 

This is done by paying them fair prices for their products, supporting education by providing scholarships to tea farmer children and strengthening sportsmanship by sponsoring the local football team. 

Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”. The change starts with you, and we are here to help you make this change happen.

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